Hard To Believe, But True:
“A Secret Formula That Puts You In Your Dream Home..." Absolutely 100% Guaranteed!


Dear Friend, 

My name is John Derrick, and to be honest with you I would have never believed this to be true if I had not seen it in action for myself.

Yes... RIGHT ON THIS PAGE - I am going to tell you EXACTLY how this worked for me and how it worked for Kim and Sharon miller, and how easily it will work for you too!

But first check out this quick video.

Were you surprised to discover where you are?

Do you want to manifest your own dream home right now?

Just Imagine.....

Imagine yourself inside your dream house.

How good does it feel?

You and I can make it happen!



Here Is My Story

One day when I was sitting with Kim Miller I told him how I was afraid I would be a renter for all my life. My wife's parents were nearing retirement age and they still lived in an apartment.

I wanted to own a house. I wanted to have something to show for all my work... something I could pass down to my children. I guess I wanted something to leave behind

Kim offered to tell me his secret. He asked me if I would be interested in knowing how to manifest a house.

At first I made excuses. "I don't have a very good credit rating" and "I am self employed" and of course my all-time-favorite excuse "I don't have any money."

Kim told me that none of that mattered. He promised me this would work, but if I wanted to know his secret I would have to....


I was spellbound as I listened to him reveal exactly what he did to manifest a house and how he used the same method to manifest all the furniture for it, because he too was flat broke at the time he was taught this.

Maybe you feel like I felt on that very day. Excited about the idea that this may be true, but at the same time more than a little skeptical.

I wanted to believe, but I had been burned before.

This information is very much outside of the comfort zone of most people, but Kim told me that this is exactly why most people never get what they really want in life.

Kim Miller is no liar.

Kim is an honest man, who goes out of his way to help others as long as I have known him. He was my teacher, even though he would never let me call him that.

I never knew him when he was poor. The Kim I knew loaned thousands of dollars to needy people who often didn't pay him back.

I asked him why he did it, when many times I felt like someone was taking advantage of him, and he would tell me "If they don't pay me back then they must have needed it more than I do".

And yet, Kim always has money coming in from different places, because Kim knows how to manifest abundance.



So I decided to take a chance on myself.


I decided to try to Manifest a House for me, my wife Patricia, and my two children, Nathan, Logan ( Little did I know that our third child was soon to be on the way, but I am getting ahead of myself now)

Kim promised me that I didn't need any money. I was counting on that to be true, because we didn't have any money in savings at all.


The first thing I did was define what I wanted.

What do you want?

Make yourself a list like I did.


My checklist looked like this:

4 Bedroom House
Master bedroom to have it's own bathroom
Kids rooms at the other end of the house
A Home Office Facing toward The Street
Safe Neighborhood
Quiet Neighborhood
Large Lot with a Big Green Front Yard
Children nearby for my kids to play with
Low Traffic - Low Pollution Street
Wide safe streets to teach my kids to ride their bicycles.
Enough land for me to grow a vegetable garden
A workshop to build things in
Friendly and trustworthy neighbors
Plenty of parking for our cars and perhaps a future RV

I didn't ask for more than I needed like Kim and Sharon did. I was not confident enough to ask for a half a million dollar house. I just asked for exactly what I wanted and what would make me happy.

So I began using the technique that Kim Miller taught me.

This is different from anything I have ever seen or used before (or since), but honestly it's incredibly easy to do.

A few months later Patricia and I drove out to look at a house that we both knew we couldn't afford, but it was in this small town that seemed nice.

When we got to the house, it was nothing like I had imagined. It sat right on a highway, which didn't fit our list at all. It was noisy, dangerous for small kids and smelled of exhaust fumes. Not where I wanted my new baby to play.

None of that mattered though, because when we arrived we saw a "Deal Pending" sign.

At that moment I thought I might have to settle for something less than what I wanted.


NEVER SETTLE - Never Waiver
Get EXACTLY What You Want

NO! Kim's voice rang out in my head as I sat in the car. "Never waiver and know it will come exactly as you ask" I heard his voice in my head.

So I used Kim's Secret technique right there in the car. My wife must have thought I was sad or frustrated as I sat with my eyes closed, but what I was actually doing was exactly what Kim taught me to do.

My wife gently laid her hand on my leg and I opened my eyes. I started the car and just as I was about to pull away I saw a little sign that said "HOUSE FOR SALE" and an arrow which pointed down a little side street I had not noticed before.

We drove up that street, away form the noisy highway into a hidden neighborhood. We drove all the way to the back to a dead end cul-de-sac, where some kids were playing in front yards.

There sat our house. A 4 bedroom house with a big lot in a quiet neighborhood with slow traffic, low pollution, wide safe streets with plenty of room for everything I wanted.

Here Comes The Magic

We looked in the windows because the door was locked and we knew we had found it. There was a price on a large piece of paper in the window. The price was so low that we thought it was a mistake, or that there must be something wrong with it.

It wasn't a mistake. It was a foreclosure and it had been lived in less than a year. A brand new house for 45% of the cost of those around it.

Not only was there nothing wrong with it, everything was right.

I GOT EVERYTHING ON THAT LIST.... even though I was broke at the time!

You see, I was renting a house for $1,100 a month and things were tight.

More than tight. I was dead broke.


New House = More Money In The Pocket

I was shocked: My house payment, with insurance and taxes built in is less than I was paying for rent. A LOT LESS.... about $500 less!
Because of the absolutely incredible deal we got.

So I get to live in a house... with everything I wanted.... for less than I was spending to rent!


Get A New House With No Payments

Years later when I sat down with Kim with a laptop in hand, I was able to capture his entire story so that I could share it with others.

The ending to this story was a shock to me!

I wish I would have known the ending to Kim's story back when I manifested my house, because Kim and Sharon figured out how to manifest a house with NO PAYMENTS AT ALL.

(Don't Worry, How To Do This is Inside The Manifest
A House Book, So You'll Know What I Didn't.)

Don't get me wrong... I am THRILLED with my house.

When I found my house at half the price the neighbors on each side of me paid...

Frankly, I was amazed.

Be The Smartest Guy On The Block

I love the fact that everyone I live around thinks I am either very savvy or super lucky.

They all know that even though my house is bigger than their's, I pay less than they do.

Which means more money for other fun things, like cars and vacations!

None of them know the secret of how I REALLY got this house.

When you do this, no one will know how you REALLY got the house of your dreams either! (Unless you decide to tell them)


Now Is The Best Time To Buy A House

Keep in mind that I did this 7 years ago, when deals were not nearly as plentiful as they are today!

Today, millions of homes are being sold at-cost and some even at losses just so banks can clear them off their books. The Deals Are Everywhere!

Now that I have had a chance to sit down with Kim Miller and he has shown exactly how to manifest a house with no payments ever, now is the time to manifest that mansion of your dreams.


No Action Required!

Don't be duped.

Many so-called teachers of the Law of Attraction (even some famous ones) teach methods that simply do not work. They know that what they are teaching doesn't work, so they cover it up by saying "You have to take physical action".

They claim that the law of attraction can deliver anything to you, BUT you have to do all the work.


This method requires NO WORK!


Except signing the papers on your new home.

You do NOT have to "manifest a better paying job" or work more hours, or change careers, or any other form of "work".

Kim's Honest-To-Goodness system really works and when something really works you don't need to require someone to "take action".


The True Magic of Manifesting

You'll Discover how Kim and Sharon each used this Secret knowledge to manifest items "Right out of thin air". They just appear!

I know what you are thinking, but this is true.

I know, I have done it myself.

So has my wife and two of my kids.

Yes, this is so easy a child can do it.

You Don't Have To Be HAPPY All The Time Either!

Seems everyone thinks you have to be happy all the time in order to get wealthy or to be successful.


There are plenty of rich people who are NOT HAPPY.

If you want to be happy, be happy, but that is not how the Law of Attraction works. Being happy IS a good thing, but many people who watched The Secret seem to come away thinking that being happy is how the Law of Attraction works.

Want me to prove it?

Try It Yourself... sit at home and feel happy all weekend. Guess what? Monday will come and you'll still have to go to work. Sure, you may attract more things to be happy about, especially when you are looking for things to be happy about, but you can do that everyday for the rest of your life, and you are not going to suddenly manifest the house of your dreams.

Use Kim's Secret Technique, and you'll be happy the day you move into your dream house!


What if It Doesn't Work?

You have NOTHING to lose, because if you use Kim's Secret Method, and it doesn't work for you, you'll still profit.

You'll get double your money back!

I KNOW THIS WORKS, and I am willing to put my own money up to prove it.

Take a moment to read this insane - you can not fail - Guarantee:


365 Day - 1 Full Year!


Use this method for 1 full year, and if you do not manifest a new house, simply contact me at the address below, and I will send you double your money back!

Yes, I am serious!

You either manifest a house, or you get double your money back. Period.

John Derrick
331 Valley Mall Parkway #327
East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Now, to be fair you do have to use this method as it is described in the book. You can't just buy this and never use it and expect it to work. But if you do use it everyday, (it is very easy and only takes 15 minutes to do) just send us proof and we'll send you double your money back.

Why am I offering this?

Simple. I know this actually works. It worked for Kim and Sharon Miller, and it has worked for others they taught it to, and it worked for me. I got exactly what I asked for. This is extremely powerful, life-altering information.

When you use this to manifest a house, and cars, and money and maybe even to find love, then you can send me a thank you letter. I love thank you letters and I suspect I will be getting one from you very soon.

There Has Never Been A Better Time
To Get Your Dream Home!

The market is flooded with houses at incredible deals right now.

Turn $27 into your dream house!

Hundreds.... maybe even thousands of people are going to use this to get the house of their dreams.

What about you?

Are you going to let this once in a lifetime opportunity slip away?

Or are you going to take action and make it happen?

$27 is nothing, and with the insane "iron-clad double your money back guarantee" you can't lose.

You either get a the home of your dreams, or you get double your money.

You are a guaranteed winner!









Here is a Quick Review:

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Best Time In History To Buy A House

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No Money Needed
(Kim & Sharon had zero money and it didn't stop them)


How Great Is This?

Knowing that you and your family are safe day and night
Feeling proud to have people come over to your dream house
Being the king of your new home
Having extra money to use for new cars and vacations
Impressing your friends, family and co-workers
Loving the place you come home to each and every day
Finally having something to show for all your work
The security of having your house paid off once and for all!


"The Truth and Nothing But The Truth

- So Help Me God."


Nothing Is Stopping You Now

You can't lose, with this insanely low price of $27 and the double your money back guarantee, the only thing stopping you is...

Fear of Success.

Failure is simply not an option with this offer.

The price is so low it is laughable, and the guarantee means you win no matter what happens.



 Yes John!
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I am ready to manifest the house of dreams and I understand that there is no better time to make this happen than right now!

I know that once this sale is over, this low price is gone FOREVER.

I know that I can not get this information anywhere else for any price.



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So act now, or pay more later.

Enjoy your dream house by starting today.


Wishing you all the success in the world,


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